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Cambridge International AS & A Level Sociology encourages learners to think sociologically about contemporary social, cultural and political issues. The syllabus provides opportunities to explore key concepts and debates that underpin the discipline of sociology and to develop the skills of interpretation, application, analysis and evaluation while studying a range of stimulating topics and real-world issues.

What I should consider before enrolling

All students undertaking this A level must have IGCSE in English Language at Grade B or 6 (or equivalent qualification).


Overview of Content


Paper 1 – Socialisation, identity and methods of research

Socialisation and the creation of social identity 

  • The process of learning and socialisation 
  • Social control, conformity and resistance 
  • Social identity and change 

Methods of research

  • Types of data, methods and research design 
  • Approaches to sociological research 
  • Research issues 

Paper 2 – The Family Theories of the family and social change

  • Perspectives on the role of the family 
  • Diversity and social change Family roles and changing relationships 
  • Gender equality and experiences of family life 
  • Age and family life 

Paper 3 – Education and society

  • Theories about the role of education 
  • Education and social mobility 
  • Influences on the curriculum Education and inequality 
  • Intelligence and educational attainment 
  • Social class and educational attainment 
  • Ethnicity and educational attainment
  • Gender and educational attainment

Paper 4 – Globalisation, Media and Religion

Globalisation Key debates, concepts and perspectives 

  • Perspectives on globalisation 
  • Globalisation and identity 
  • Globalisation, power and politics 

Contemporary issues 

  • Globalisation, poverty and inequalities 
  • Globalisation and migration 
  • Globalisation and crime 

Media Ownership and control of the media 

  • Traditional media and the new media 
  • Theories of the media and influences on media content 
  • The impact of the new media 

Media representation and effects 

  • Media representations of class, gender, ethnicity, and age groups  
  • Different models of media effects 
  • The impact of the media on behaviour 

Religion and social order 

  • Religion and society 
  • Religion and social order 
  • Religion as a source of social change

 The influence of religion 

    • The secularisation debate 
    • Gender, feminism and religion • Religion and post-modernity

Arabic Specification

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