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Students of our Edexcel International Advanced Level in Law will be able to demonstrate the importance of legal institutions and their relationship to other institutions in society and provide a broad understanding of the various branches of law in order to give a fuller picture of the role of law.

What I should consider before enrolling

All students undertaking A levels must also have IGCSE in English Language at Grade C or 4 (or equivalent qualification).

Assessment 100% external assessment, written examination with short open-response and extended open-response questions. Candidates are expected to know the law as it stood on the date that their studies commenced. Updates and changes to the law or legal principles will not form part of the assessment for the first two years following the change.


Year 1 (AS Level)

Course Content and Examinations

Paper 1: Underlying Principles of Law and the English Legal System

  • The nature and purpose of law¬†
  • Legal theories are introduced which help develop an understanding of the role, function and benefits of law in society
  • Concepts of justice and morality are compared with law both in England and elsewhere
  • Parliamentary and judicial law making
  • How legal disputes are resolved by a range of people involved in that process
  • The effectiveness, impact and costs of the law

Year 2 (A Level)

Course Content and Examinations

Paper 2: The Law in Action

  • The overlap between civil and criminal outcomes from the same event
  • Separate legal consequences of activities
  • The application of legal principles
  • Outcomes in dispute resolution in decided cases and statutes
  • The contrast in the use of law is explored through different contexts.

Law Specification

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