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English Language

Students of our Edexcel International Advanced Level in English Language will study English Language in a global context, including the influence of other languages on the development of English. New topics with an international focus include ‘Contemporary Global English’ and ‘Language and Technology’.

What I should consider before enrolling

All students undertaking this A level must have IGCSE in English Language at Grade B or 6 (or equivalent qualification).

English Language

Overview of content


Unit 1 - Language: Context and Identity (IAS)

Students will explore: 

  • The range of contexts in which language is produced and received 
  • How the contexts of production and reception affect language choices 
  • How writers/speakers present themselves to their audience in a variety of modes 
  • How writers/speakers choose language to reflect and construct their identity or identities 
  • How writers create texts for different forms, purpose, audiences, and contexts.

Unit 2: Language in Transition (IAS)

Students will explore the ways in which languages change, with a focus on English in a global context. They will study: 

  • The influence of other languages on the development of English. 
  • Pidgins and Creoles 
  • The development of English outside the British Isles.

Students will need to know about the mechanisms of language change but they will not need to study the historical development of English. Texts used for analysis will be selected from  19th – 21st century sources.

Unit 3: Crafting Language (Writing) (IA2)

Students will explore a range of specified writing genres and appropriate style models. They will demonstrate their skills as writers in re-creating texts for different context, purpose and audience. They will reflect on the writing process in an analytical commentary. The genres selected for study are: 

  • Feature articles 
  • Journalist interviews 
  • Speeches
  • Travel writing 
  • Biography 
  • Reviews

Unit 4: Investigating Language (IA2)

Students will select one research focus from four topic areas: 

  • Contemporary Global English 
  • Language and Power 
  • Children’s Language Acquisition
  • Language and Technology 


Students will: 

  • Develop their research and investigation skills 
  • Undertake a focused investigation of their selected topic 
  • Apply their knowledge of language levels and key language concepts developed through the whole course 
  • Develop a personal language specialism. 

A sub-topic for each of the specified topics will be pre-released in May for the January examination series and September for the June examination series. These will provide a steer for the students’ research and investigation to enable them to prepare for the external assessment.

English Language Specification

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