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The specification is designed to reflect today’s global world – students develop an understanding of current global issues that impact on business, preparing them for their next steps in today’s global world.


What I should consider before enrolling

All students undertaking this A level must have IGCSE in English Language and Mathematics at Grade B or 6 (or equivalent qualification).


Year 1

Course Content

IAS Unit 1: Marketing and people

  • Meeting customer needs
  • The market
  • Marketing mix and strategy
  • Managing people
  • Entrepreneurs and leaders

IAS Unit 2: Managing business activities

  • Planning a business and raising finance
  • Financial planning
  • Managing finance
  • Resource management
  • External influences

Year 2

Course Content

IA2 Unit 3: Business decisions and strategy

  • Business objectives and strategy
  • Business growth
  • Decision-making techniques
  • Influences on business decisions
  • Assessing competitiveness
  • Managing change

IA2 Unit 4: Global business

  • Globalisation
  • Global markets and business expansion
  • Global marketing
  • Global industries and companies (multinational corporations)