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The Edexcel International Advanced Level in Arabic is designed for students who are studying Arabic in order to enhance their future educational or employment prospects. Students will be tested on their Arabic Language competence through realistic and contextualized tasks based on authentic texts.

What I should consider before enrolling

All students undertaking this A level must have IGCSE in English Language at grade C or 4 (or equivalent qualification) and a grade B or 6 (or equivalent qualification) in Arabic.


What students need to learn


1 Youth matters

  • Family relationships and friendships
  • Peer pressure and role models
  • Music and fashion Technology and communication 

2 Lifestyle, health and fitness

  • Food and diet
  • Sport and exercise
  • Health issues
  • Urban and rural life  

3 Environment and travel

  • Tourism, travel and transport
  • Natural disasters and weather
  • Climate change and its impact
  • Energy, pollution and recycling   

4 Education and employment

  • Education systems and types of schooling
  • Pupil/student life
  • Volunteering and internships
  • Jobs and unemployment

5 Technology in the Arabic-speaking world

  • Scientific advances
  • Technological innovations
  • Impact on life and environment

6 Society in the Arabic-speaking world

  • Migration
  • Equality
  • Politics
  • Customs

7 Ethics in the Arabic-speaking world

  • Beliefs Law and order
  • Moral issues (e.g. euthanasia, adoption, genetic modification)

Arabic Specification

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