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How do you choose the best online school for your child?

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Sending your child to a private online school is an important and potentially costly decision. How do you go about choosing the best online school for your child when there is so many on the market?

The best private school for your child depends on various factors that are specific to your child’s needs, interests, and your family’s values. Here are some steps to help you determine whether Alary College might be the best fit:

Our  Priorities:

Most parents choose a private school for a better academic education for their children. We can guarantee this at Alary. We have smaller class sizes and fully qualified specialist teachers to promote the best learning for your child. We strongly encourage all students to participate in class. We help build the confidence of all learners, so they are not afraid of contributing to lessons.

We also promote many different extracurricular activities, giving students a chance to integrate with members of the school community on other educational pathways. Our students develop close friendships, not allowing distance to become a hurdle for them.

Curriculum and Approach:

A-levels are a standard qualification in the UK and are recognized by universities and employers globally. We offer over 20 different subjects, each taught by a specialist teacher. They are rigorous and challenging, demanding the best from a student. But they also develop critical thinking skills and independent learning, crucial to university education.

Extracurricular Activities:

We offer one of the largest and most diverse extracurricular activities online and continue to add to them. These skills help develop confidence in our students and also build friendships with other members of the school community. Our debate club and investment club have the largest participants closely followed by chess club. We also offer termly competitions to involve our school community.

Class Size and Teacher-Student Ratio:

 Smaller class sizes and lower teacher-student ratios lead to more personalized attention and better learning experiences. This is why we make a promise to keep class sizes small. This helps develop closer relationships between students and teachers, so students are not afraid to ask for help with the more complex topics they study at A-Level. Smaller class sizes also enable students to work more closely with their peers. We have found our results are higher because of this.


Private schools can vary greatly in terms of cost. At Alary College we strive to keep our costs low. We are transparent about what is included, ensuring that there are no surprises to parents. Lots of private schools do not include university applications within their fees but we do. The only extra cost to parents is examination fees.

Long-Term Goals:

At Alary College, we are educating students for university. Lots of conversations will take place between teachers, students and parents so we are all focused on this long-term goal.  

Student Support Services:

Your child´s welfare is a priority at Alary College, and we focus on this weekly to ensure every child feels supported and heard. We focus on the stress of exams and education but also the isolation some children feel online. Our holistic approach to education brings out the best in all our students.

We always ask students and parents to join us for an informal chat at the beginning of their educational journey with us to make sure that online education is the best pathway for them. We pride ourselves on our close connection to parents and students throughout their time with us and this is part of the secret to our success. A lot of our parents volunteer to discuss their vocations with our students, even after their child has left the school. Our community is strong at Alary College and this is one of the most important values we offer as a school.

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