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Choose the Pathway to Your Future

At Alary College we offer A-Level pathway educational packages that are tailored to specific degree courses, providing a holistic approach that goes beyond just academic learning. We ensure you have the correct options to suit your university course. Our packages include the skills and knowledge needed for future careers, ensuring that our students are well-prepared for the workforce. With our expert instructors and a comprehensive curriculum, you can be confident that you will be prepared for the university course of your choice.

We offer
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What we offer our students

Academic Excellence

A-Level subjects are studied in the UK in schools and colleges as a precursor to University education. British universities require students sit three A-Level subjects, related to the course they wish to study.

Our International A-Level programmes are designed to challenge and inspire students, providing them with a foundation of knowledge and skills for lifelong learning and success.

Our goal is to produce graduates who are not only well-educated, but also well-rounded individuals who have the confidence and resilience to face life’s challenges.

What Makes Us Unique?

At Alary College, we believe that education is not just about acquiring knowledge, but also about developing the skills and habits that lead to success in all areas of life. That’s why we provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills, participate in extracurricular activities, and engage with the community.

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What we offer our students

Personalised Attention

We believe that every student has unique strengths and challenges.
That's why we offer personalised mentoring.
And support to help them achieve their goals.
We support our students to become
Our pathway

A-Level Pathway options

Mathematics, Business And Economics

Learn the universal languages of numbers, business strategies, and economics for financial success in this faculty.


Explore the power of words and
cultural diversity in this faculty of languages.

Humanities and Law

A space of knowledge and reflection, where the complexities of humanity and justice are explored.

Science and Engineering

A place of discovery and creation, where science and engineering converge in innovation and academic excellence.

Our Mission

With over half a century of teaching, subject and leadership experience, in both UK and international settings, our mission is to not only bring affordable, high quality British education to young people across the globe, but to also provide the tools and support to ensure a successful journey through the A-Levels Pathways and beyond. Our unique approach combines A-Level Pathway study with academic mentoring, study skills, mental wellbeing, mindfulness, and specialised English Language support.

Community of learners

What makes
us unique?

Small Class Sizes

To maximise student learning and contribution in lessons, we keep our class sizes small.

UK Qualified Teachers with at least 5 years teaching experience

All of our teachers have a PGCE certificate and 5 years of teaching their subject.

Progress Updates

We will keep you regularly updated on your child’s progress.

One or Two Year Courses
Our courses run for two years but we can make exceptions in cases where students are repeating an A-Level. We run an intensive one-year course to allow students to improve their grades to gain access onto a competitive university course.
Preparation for the University in the Country of Your Choice
We offer different pathways depending on the preferred outcome.

UK Universities: 3  A-Level subjects and UCAS preparation.
US Universities: 3  A-Level subjects plus ACT/SAT preparation.
Universities of Hong Kong/Singapore: 4 A-Level subjects including Chinese.
Rest of the world: 3 A-Level subjects plus A-Level in native language if required.

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